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we kosher all over Israel

new - hagalat keilim & tevilat keilim

Mashgiach Kashrut Nachman Harris

נגן וידאו

Head of “Kasher me now”

Recommendation from Rabbi Yissachar Dov Krakowski

נגן וידאו

Renowned head of the leading kashrut
authority of the OU in Israel


to "kasher me now"-
Quick and efficient kitchen kashering the one & only for anglos

Need to take care of your  holiday kitchen ?

Bought a new house that needs kashering ?

Prefer celebrating Pesach in your own accommodation ?

Want to go kosher ?

Just the thought stresses you out ?

If so – this is the site for you.
An experienced team will kasher your kitchen according to Halachic requirements.

Where do we operate?
All over Israel.

How to go about it?
Click on the → How It Works

To guarantee your slot please book two weeks in advance.

Price range –

Kitchen:  $330- $570 (depending on size & no. of appliances).

Kashering keilim/toiveling: $9 per kilo.

We've got 2 levels of kashering – Click on the How It Works

* Option of same day kashering.   

* let us know if you have particular customs that are important for you.

* Please note in the event that the booked areas are not clean to standard and as a result we are not able to kasher, there will be a call out charge.

* Please note in the event that the booked areas are not clean to standard and as a result we are not able to kasher, there will be a call out charge.

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Who Are We - kitchen kashering

Nachman Harris - Jerusalem
Aharon Friedman - Beit Shemesh

Both of us are graduates of Itri Yeshiva.
During the five years we learnt together we developed a keen interest in the practical side of Halacha. We were especially intrigued and fascinated by Hilchot Kashrut.

kitchen kasher
kitchen kasher

 The service was started by kashering hotels abroad. We were inundated by guests with Kashering requests for their own kitchens. This encouraged us to think bigger and expand to include other Kashering services.
B''h ''נעשה ונצליח''

* ''kasher me now'' Masgichim are fully vaccinated

Years of experience
Satisfied customers
Star service ⭐
What do we kasher?

Surfaces & Tables

Surfaces incl. pastry surfaces, eat-in kitchen tables, dining room & serving tables.

Electronic Devices

Dishwasher, kettles, blenders, mixers, food processors, hot plates, coffee machine.

Gas & Ovens

Ovens and warming trays, toaster ovens, microwave & micro. oven, hot trolleys, stove including gas, induction & halogen, gas cover.

Cutlery & More

Skewer, grid, baking pans/dishes, sinks, oven shelves & trays.                  Pots, pans & cutlery (extra fee).

Areas we have been to - kitchen kashering
Revolution in the kashrut world.

kashering all year around.

No job too big.

No distance too great.

kitchen kasher